Miracles Happen At Write About Jesus

(A big thank you to Tom Janicik for sending us this note.)

“Last year at Write About Jesus (WAJ), I can still remember listening to a key point being made by Steve Siler during his class try to be more aware of the miracles that happen in your everyday life.  Then later that day, while I was participating in the small group competition, a miracle happened.  At the end of the group competition, Patricia Mock (the group winner) mentioned to the group that her inspiration for songwriting occurred after her Mom had passed away from Alzheimer’s a few years before.  I introduced myself to Patricia and we immediately hit it off.  I mentioned to her that I had written a song lyric titled “Just Keep Holding On” which was inspired by putting myself in my Dad’s shoes and trying to help him cope with my Mom’s Alzheimer’s.  My Dad really like the song lyric and shared it with the Alzheimer’s support group where he used to live.  I gave the song lyric to Patricia and she quickly modified it and developed a melody which matched the mood for the song and had a demo made.  Then my younger brother, Jim Janicik, developed a supporting video to complement the song which will hopefully provide help for others struggling with the impact of this devastating disease.  Patricia & I would really like to thank Sue Smith and her supporting team for making WAJ the premier songwriting experience it has become … without your efforts and God’s help – this song wouldn’t exist.


Tom Janicik & Patricia Mock

More Feedback:

  • Once again, great workshop. Always love the worship times together. Clinicians were great.
  • This conference is amazing. I thought it was going to be good but I was unprepared. It was so much more than I could have imagined. I felt God’s presence here and have a renewed sense of purpose with my ministry. Thank you. I will take the tools you have given me and go write great songs. See you next year!
  • Most bang for my buck I’ve ever known! Expectations exceeded in so many golden comments presented by seasoned writers and their free friendship both in and our of sessions. It’s so good to be within a group where everyone present values you.
  • Unforgettable experience.
  • You are amazing! I am so thankful that you put so much into this. It is so helpful. We appreciate you and pray that God would richly bless you!
  • I have missed WAJ!!! It’s so great to have been “back home” amongst my WAJ family. God bless you, Sue, John, and all the clinicians and support staff. Your commitment to the artists here is having a tremendous impact on the Kingdom. I can’t wait for next year! Be blessed…
  • I have to tell you, I am so excited about my time here this weekend. I wasn’t sure that I was qualified to be heresigned up and can’t tell you how grateful I am to be here. The clinicians and staff have been so wonderful and willing to share their knowledge and experiences. Thank you so much. It was nice to have the small group connection to meet with just to relax, visit and redirect.
  • Great, Sue!! Thanks so much.
  • Excellent opportunity for new or accomplished writers to share and develop their writing. A safe place to show your stuff.
  • This is a great opportunity for all songwriters and want-to-be’s to hone your craft, get focused and refuel. Thank you!
  • Thank you for all your sacrifice to provide such an excellent education in songwriting. A family of writing and open doors of opportunity. My life will never be the same!
  • This makes me long for a writer’s night like the “writer’s in the round” in Nashville. This conference is so valuable because it meets such a huge, practical need. I wish this had been available 25 years ago. Glad I finally made it! Thank you, John and Sue
  • After coming the first time four years ago, I’ve seen the fruits of what I learned then and am encouraged by the “family” feel here. It was easy to reconnect with folks and feel like I’m part of the group again. Great job!!
  • Thank you for everything you do. You have blessed us all so much.
  • This has been so amazing. My first time and I am so honored to be a part of this. I really felt care and love from the staff. Everyone made me feel so comfortable. I learned lots and have already put WAJ on 2010 calendar and will bring a friend next time.
  • Great seminar! Im so thankful I found it and was able to come. Thank you for this ministry. You do a great job. I’d be very interested if you decide to do the Nashville seminar again.
  • Holy Tension helped to explain this overwhelming and growing urgency taking over my quiet time. I stumbled into the right class at the right time. Thank you so much for offering more than lyric/chord/structure/critiques… but recognizing that my soul needed feeding as well!
  • I came to learn about songwriting, which I did, but I took away so much more. The worship, teaching, songs, and all the people I met filled a drained soul with hope and a renewed realization of God’s amazing love. Thank you.
  • This was my first WAJ conference, and I simply can’t say enough good things about it. I prayed for humility and God’s will, and I believe He has brought that to me, and through the WAJ people more than anything. Thank you all so much for this blessed event.
  • I drill geo thermo wells for a living. For almost a year, we have worked out of town from sun up to sun down, which really cut into my songwriting time. Then when I get home, there is so much to do. This is my first year to WAJ and it has really stoked the fires and made me determined to make time to write. I used to journal every day. I am going to get back to the things that I have kind of let fall to the wayside. Nothing like sharing with the Lord and others the songs He has entrusted me to write. Thank you for all the work you, the people of your church, and all the clinicians and registrants do. A great and encouraging time.
  • Thank you! Awesome!
  • This is family. These are my people. Even the clinicians make you feel like family. Everyone is so kind and encouraging. WAJ will always be on my calendar
  • I wanted a conference that had something to do with urban gospel. I don’t feel like it’s welcome everywhere, or maybe it’s not understood as much. So I was glad to know it was welcome here. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to come back next year. I will be a better writer because of what I learned here.
  • Great conference! Great value for the dollar. This is so much more than a workshop. It is a family of songwriters who genuinely encourage one another in growing as writers. Awesome.
  • I really had a great time. It was a packed weekend but so short… I can’t believe it’s over. The clinicians were great! They were very helpful and I felt like they really cared about our growth as songwriters. I especially liked Dave Clark’s class, Holy Tension. I felt that he really cared about our calling from God. Thank you so much for this weekend!
  • I am so grateful for the nurturing, truly supportive atmosphere here at WAJ. I truly believe that every clinicians wants my ministry to broaden and increase in excellence. I find myself free from mealousy and comparison and able instead to truly appreciate the wealth of talent that pulses in the air here. Thank you!
  • Carl Cartee is the best clinician I got to meet here at WAJ. He has such an attitude of Christ, fun spirit, and willingness to share everything he has. He is an inspiration. James Tealy was wonderful and so personable. He made me feel at home.
  • God has recaptured my heart and renewed my hope that His plan and His ways are not “normal” even in songwriting! I have encouraged (hopefully) and been encouraged here as we all took our protective masks off and said “Hi. This is who I am!”
  • I am so blessed to be with a family of songwriters who pursue excellence in Christ first and then excellence in songwriting.
  • Thanks for an incredible weekend!
  • What an awesome event! So much to learn/absorb… so little brain cells left! Thanks so much for all your hard work!
  • Thank you thank you for doing this. It’s encouraging, challenging and educationaland done in such a sweet spirit.
  • I have learned so much this weekend! One of the things I learned was that I have so much to learn. Thanks so much.